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We are recognized for Quality, Flexibility and Reliability.

  • Sitz Finow Automotive GmbH

The name Finow Automotive stands for quality, reliability and continuity. Since its founding in 1999, the company has focused on the introduction and further development of new, innovative manufacturing processes for producing tubes and profiles for chassis, structural and engine applications.

Prepared for the future with modern technologies.

We are a family-owned, private company. That shapes our corporate culture. Our values and our mission are binding for every employee.

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Quality Management & Certificates


ISO 14001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

IATF 16949

IATF 16949

We hold all the most important certificates for the automotive industry. This ensures the quality of our processes. Today, we have a certified quality management system, an environmental management system and occupational safety management system.

Environmental Management and Occupational Safety

The continual education of our employees guarantees the quality and the variety of our processes. This process allows us to stay one step ahead of the changing demands of our customers and to shape the dynamic of the market. For us, environmental management and occupational safety are closely related. Maintaining the health of our employees and creating a careful, economical use of natural resources are both near to our heart.

Company History

In the future, we are planning to develop additional production locations. The successes and milestones we reached so far in our young development were:

Founding of an additional location in Haynrode, Thuringa; 3D laser cutting of thermoformed parts for TIER 1 customers. Investment and commissioning of a profiling system for the production of open and closed profile cross-sections of high-strength steels as well as the production of laser-welded precisions tubes for the automotive industry.
Commissioning of a robotic welding cell to connect aluminum die casting with aluminum tubes for coolant pipes using high-frequency oscillating laser beams.
Expansion of the primary location with a production hall that includes a hydroforming press, a bending and preforming cell and multiple 3D laser cutting cells.
Commissioning of a robotic welding cell to laser weld aluminum and magnesium alloys.
Expansion of the laser welding systems as well as the bending and forming equipment.
Commissioning of a manufacturing line to produce laser welded pipes / single tubes as semi-finished parts for the production of hydroformed components including roof bows, cowls as well as longitudinal tubes and crossbars from front axel carriers.
Investment in a laser tube cutting machine.
Comissioning of Europe’s largest fully integrated hydro forming production line (130,000 kN) for the production of side rails for SUVs.
Investment in our first 3D laser cutting system.
Expansion of automation.
Series production of axel components using CNC bending and hydroforming. (50.000 kN)
Investment and development phase for production halls and technology.
The founding of Finow Automotive GmbH in Finow (Eberswalde).